Monday, May 14, 2012


This is my very cool friend and her adorable fiance!  These two were entertaining me the whole time, it was a blast.  Tara is pretty much superwoman, and she has the best sense of humor.  I really like her fiance too, he is a fantastic match for her.  Even in the short time that I met him I can tell they are so so so happy together, and I am way happy for them!

Elder Hillock...and family :)

I had the privilege of photographing this fantastic family the day before their son left on his mission for the LDS church.  I'm so glad I got to take these.  Their son that's leaving now and the one just younger won't see each other for over three years because they will both be on missions during the same time.  I admire these young men so much!  Missions are so hard and yet so rewarding and life changing. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

This family rocks!

I knew this family before they even had kids.  It's so fun to watch their family grow.  And I'm so lucky to be friends with Sophie, because I look up to her so much.  She is a very inspiring person.  She's too humble to know it, but it is true, and I could tell the first day I met her that she has the most amazing heart.  She shines!  They have the cutest children (who did so great for the pictures)!  
I put like a billion photos on this you'll see..but it was just too hard for me to choose between all my here you go...ALL my favorites!!!